How to Discuss Your Idea With a Patent Attorney

The Patent Attorney would require a complete disclosure of your invention. This can include sketches, write-ups, photos, drawings, etc. Provide all of the information in an organized format and be prepared to discuss all aspects of the disclosure. Answers to the following questions can be prepared before a phone or office consultation with your patent attorney:

1. Provide a detailed description of your invention. Describe the invention with enough information that a person having ordinary skill in the relevant art would understand it.

2. Describe all of the possible uses of your invention. 

3. Describe the problems that your invention will solve.

4. List the steps necessary to make your invention available for use (if any).

5. Describe the advantages of your invention.

6. Are there any variations (alternatives) of your invention that accomplish the same purpose?

7. Describe how the problems have been addressed in the past.

8. Provide citations for any relevant literature, patents, presentations, etc. that you are aware of. 

9. Is research still needed? Discuss your plans for additional research?

10. Attach labeled sketches and images (if any).

11. Describe the sketches and images (if any).

12. For mobile apps, produce figures as flowcharts and mock screenshots for each step.