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Allgaier Patent Solutions is an intellectual property law firm in the metropolitan Chicago area. Our goal is to provide adequate patent, trademark and copyright protection for individual inventors, emerging small businesses and large companies. We provide intellectual property protection for a wide scale of ideas and technologies.

Understanding Intellectual Property

Intellectual property refers to your individual creations and their rights to protection under patent, trademark and copyright law. This includes inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names and images used in commerce. United States patent, trademark and copyright law provides for the registration and grant of exclusive rights in order to advance science and useful arts. For assistance with patent, trademark or copyright filings, please call (847) 409-8670.

Allgaier Patent Solutions Helps to Protect Your IP Rights

At Allgaier Patent Solutions, we strive to protect your patent, trademark and copyright ownership with thorough government filings and prosecution. Our practice areas include:

  • Trademark Searches
  • Trademark Filings
  • Copyright Filings
  • Patentability Searches
  • Patent Application Drafting
  • Patent Filings
  • Patent Opinions
  • Licensing

Contact Allgaier Patent Solutions

Let Allgaier Patent Solutions help you protect your business ideas and inventions. We provide free initial phone consultations. For additional information, contact Allgaier Patent Solutions today by calling (847) 409-8670 or emailing us at info@apatents.com.

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